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My name is Shaun Roselt. I was born on the 19th of March, 1998 in Bloemfontein, Free-State, South Africa. I was originally born as Shannondor Patrofski Venter Lurie. My biological mother is Moshelly Lurie. I have two biological sisters (Kimaine Edwards & Tarryn Edwards) and one biological brother (Kyle Edwards). My biological father wanted nothing to do with me and my biological mother alone had to take care of me.

Age 0-4 I had a severe skin eczema, because of the skin eczema: people thought that my mother abused me and didn't take care of me correctly. I was placed in foster care when I was only a few months old. I was living in foster care at Tommy Roselt and Estelle Roselt. My biological mother and biological sister visited me often from age 0-4 while being in foster care.

At age 4/5 Tommy and Estelle decided to adopt me. My mother and grandmother tried stopping the adoption, but they couldn't stop it. My mother went to my biological father for help and he signed papers to support the adoption and after he signed it. The adoption couldn't be stopped. After I was adopted my name and surname was changed to Shaun Roselt. Tommy and Estelle had two children of their own (Melanie Roselt and Gerhard Roselt). After the adoption my mother and sister was not allowed to see me anymore.

Age 7 I went to Primary school at Primêre Skool Jim Fouché. Age 7 my mother that adopted me died of cancer. At age 10 my adopted father married again to Lizette Laubscher. Lizette has two of her own two daughters (Tania Laubscher and Izanne Laubscher) and one adopted son (Renaldo Maartins). Lizette's children became my step brother and sisters. After I finished grade 5 at Jim Fouché, my adopted father and step mother said that me and my step brother are going to leave Jim Fouché and then we went to Hoërskool President Steyn. I was grade 6 and Renaldo was grade 7.

Around age 10 (grade 4) my adopted father told me around my birthday that I'm actually adopted, but he never told me who my biological father and mother were. He also didn't tell me anything about them. He just told me that I'm adopted and I never bothered asking him about it. Around age 11/12 I got two letters from my biological mother giving me two photos from age 4 with her and Kimaine. So at that age I only knew who my mother and sister was and nothing else. I wanted to write back to her, but I was a very good boy and was almost never naughty. So I went to my adopted father and gave him the letters. He read it and then he took it from me and he called my biological mother and told her not to write letters to me anymore.

My adopted father got very sick during January-March of my grade 6 year. My adopted father was in and out of the hospital repeatedly. Around halfway through the year doctors told us that he has cancer. This was the second time that he had cancer. The first time he was healed from it. Around at the end of Term 3, my adopted father died. I was almost never at school during grade 6 and because of that my school marks fell. I went from average of 80% down to 60%/70p% except for mathematics which was still at 80%. My biological mother also called me on our house phone, she introduced herself as aunt Moshelly, but by that age I forgot that my biological mother's name was Moshelly. So I had no clue who she was. I also didn't tell my adopted father about the phone call.

After I finished grade 6 at Hoërskool President Steyn, I decided to go back to Jim Fouché. In grade 7 my school marks dropped even more. I got 50% for most of my subjects, except mathematics I got 60%.

In grade 1-6 I played Rugby (A-Team), Tennis (A-Team), Athletics, Swimming and "Landsdiens". Grade 7 I stopped doing Rugby, Tennis and Swimming. In grade 7 I started doing Skateboarding. In Grade 8 I started doing chess for fun at school as well.

In grade 1-8 I have always been interested in computers. I have known since grade 1 that I wish to work with computers for the rest of my life and I want to make a living out of it, but I never knew what part of computers. It was between IT Technician, Programming, Computer Hardware Developer.

In grade 7 I started being very interested in online gaming, especially in MMORPG's. My favorite game was Moonbase and Bloodaxe. Those two games was available on an African based social network, Mxit. Moonbase was eventually also turned a facebook game and a web browser game. Online games caused my school marks to drop even more

In grade 9 term 1, I had like 40% for all my subjects. Physics and Accounting was both 20%. I hated Physics and Accounting. Then in grade 9 my favorite online game had shutdown, Moonbase. I was very sad about it and I couldn't find an alternative game that was as fun and addictive as Moonbase. The closing of Moonbase motivated me to learn Web Development and create my own game. After I started learning HTML, I just couldn't stop and I knew that this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I had one obstacle though, my school marks weren't good enough. This motivated me to work a bit harder. By the end of grade 9 I had 70% for math and the rest of my subjects were 50%/60%. Physics and Accounting was still the same. Around 30%. In grade 9 I quit skateboarding and started focusing more on programming. I was also A-Team chess, U/16. Grade 9 I started learning HTML, Delphi and Scratch. After finishing grade 9 I realized that I love physics and by that time it was too late for it, because I were failing physics. At the end of grade 9 I had to choose my subjects for grade 10 and I chose:
Afrikaans (home language)
English (first additional language)
Life Orientation
Engineering Graphics and Designing
Business Studies
Computer Application Technology
Information Technology

In grade 10 I launched my first Windows application called "Delphi Programming Helper". In grade 10 my programming skills improved a lot and I fell in love with programming. I couldn't stop. I spent hours everyday on programming. In grade 10 I learned HTML, Delphi, Scratch, SQL, C# and Python. I also experimented with a lot of other programming languages such as Batch, Inno Setup, Pascal, JavaScript, CSS, VB, VBScript, etc. I also published my first Blackberry app and published a total of 7 apps for Windows Desktop. In grade 10 I competed in the South African Programming Olympiad as well and I came first in my grade and third in my school. I competed In the Delphi Programming Language. In this year I also quit athletics and chess. I did no sports. Only programming full time. I spent a little too much on programming and that caused my math to drop down to 40% again. By the end of grade 10 I knew almost the entire grade 10 and grade 11 IT syllabus.

In grade 10 (2014), my biological mother found me on facebook and contacted me. She told me almost everything. That is when I found out that I got two sisters and one brother as well and everything. Me and my oldest sister met each other later that year and I even spent December holiday with her on christmas.

In grade 11 (current) I have so far published one new app for Windows called "Bazooka Drums" and I am currently working on updates for all of my other Windows apps. I have also started making cross-platform apps/games that work on Windows, iOS, OS X and Android. I am currently busy with 3 games and about 10+ apps. I also started learning Pascal. I want to compete in the South African Computer Programming Olympiad with Pascal and I am hoping to do very good.

....................... I will soon add more information About Me .......................

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