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              Bazooka Drums – A virtual drum kit.
              Data Uploading Websites – A program that help people to quickly find and access File Hosting Websites.
              Delphi Programming Helper – A program that helps Delphi Developers by providing tutorials, code examples, e-books, test papers, etc.
              PC Talk – Text To Speech – A program that converts text to speech.
              Programming File Changer – A program that help Programmers to change File Extensions.
              TFS Media Player – A Media Player that can play various files with video and audio.
              Roselt Web Browser – A basic web browser to access the Internet.

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Submit App Idea:
Do you have a great idea for an app, but you do not have the skills to develop such an app. You are welcome to email me your app idea and maybe I will make your app for you. Please make sure to provide as much information and details about your app as possible:
Email: shaunroselt@gmail.com

About Me:

            Shaun Roselt, born 1998. Born-and-raised South African. Software developer.
  A short history:

I was born on 19 March 1998 in Bloemfontein, Free-State, South Africa. At age 4 I was adopted. At age 7 my adopted mother died and at age 10 my adopted father married again. At age 12 my adopted father died and at age 15 I went to live with my adopted sister. At age 16 my biological mother contacted me on Facebook and I now have contact with my biological mother, brother and two sisters.

At age 9 my adopted brother got me interested in programming with C#. I played around with it and after a month of programming my brother went to London, England and I lost inspiration. At age 15 I started web design with HTML and atage 15/16 I started programming with Scratch and Delphi.

After 2 years, at age 17, I am now interested in many different things such as technology, programming, physics, astronomy, math, etc.

I have always had this dream of creating my own company similar to Microsoft, Apple and Google. In 2013 I created my own company called "The Future Studios". In January 2014 I published my first application, "Delphi Programming Helper". In January 2015 I changed the company name to "Bazooka Studios".

I quickly became proficient enough in programming to make my living as asoftware developer, mostly in Software Development using the Delphi Programming Language.

My main focus nowadays is learning and improving my skills and knowledge in programming, technology, physics and astronomy.

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Contact Me:

BBM: pin:279E4231
Email: shaunroselt@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShaunRoselt.Twitter

Twitter: @ShaunRoselt
Qoohme: http://qooh.me/shaunroselt

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/shaunroselt

My plans for the future:

I am planning on finishing High School at "Hoërskool Jim Fouché" in 2016.
After High School I wish to go study "IT Technician" and "Software Development" in 2017 at CTU Campus in Bloemfontein.
In 2018 I wish to study "Business Intelligent Development".
In 2019 and 2020 I wish to study "Web Development". 
I would also like to improve my Physics, Astronomy and Math skills and knowledge within those years from 2016 to 2020.

In the meantime while finishing High School and studying after High School, I would like to build up my company and become famous world wide for my applications and company. I would like to bring my knowledge to the world around me and teach programming to other people around the world as well.

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